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Sanna nyman

is a finnish-german, visual- and performing artist and a photography and traveling enthusiast. The stage performer (singing, acting and dancing),
who also holds a degree in interior design, is currently a member of the Hamburg based a-cappella-comedy-group LaLeLu. Additionally she is a nutritionist, reiki master and a passionate upcycler and CO2 compensator.

project toad

How to combine photography, upcycling and CO2 compensation? 
Is there a sustainable frame 
with a lot of potential for several visual and performing art forms? 

that was the Challenge

'Project toad', wich combines several interests and passions of the artist, was born.  

SNart CD 

The regular CD cover creates the frame for unique photos from around the world. The end of the CD era is hereby a chance for something new to be born. Everything flows, nothing dies, merely the form changes.


or 'Sanna Nyman Art' is the artist's creative playground to express herself.